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History shared through storytelling

Get the full and truthful history of Birmingham's Civil Rights through the lens of youth justice leaders

What we do

Informed by galleries from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI), The Movement is a mobile app that aims to share Birmingham's history through visual stories, audio interviews, and self guided tours that weave visitors in and out of Birmingham’s downtown and neighborhood landmarks. History has proven that youth shape movements and culture. That’s why we feature youth as historians and storytellers and entrust them the tools to guide and create the contents of the app.

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Meet our Storytellers

Our work is guided by a simple principle: follow young people. Youth help from the research to the production of each story featured in The Movement. We provide our youth partners the tools to learn their authentic history and share it in their communities.
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I am a lover of people and progress. Working to change the world through stories. This project feels like an opportunity to finally give our people their flowers.

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Youth Storyteller
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My philosophy is being a student of things that interest you takes you the farthest in life. This project is important to me because it's important to highlight how even small victories from people changed the trajectory for a lot of others.

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Youth Storyteller
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“Be in the world as though you were a stranger or a traveler along a path.” - Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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Youth Storyteller

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