Teaching youth to capture and retell the full and truthful history of their people & place to inspire participation in the movement for human and civil rights

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Told by the greatest among us

The Movement is a mobile application coming Summer 2022. Informed by galleries from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI), The Movement shares Birmingham's history through visual narratives and self guided tours that weave visitors in and out of BCRI, Birmingham’s downtown, and neighborhood landmarks. History has proven that youth, who we call the greatest among us, shape movements and culture. That’s why our work features this generation as budding historians and storytellers and entrusts them the tools to help guide and create the contents of the app.

Our pillars


Telling Stories with Technology

We tell the stories of significant moments of the movement and explain historical events in detail using still photography, voiceovers, interviews, videos, and augmented reality with interviews with Foot Soldiers, historians, and docents. 


Letting Youth Lead

Our work is guided by a simple principle: follow young people. Youth help from the research to the production of each story featured in The Movement. We provide our youth partners the tools to learn their authentic history and share it in their communities.


Inspiring Participation

We believe that when this digitally native generation shares the full and truthful history of their city, they will inspire action. That's why each story is accompanied by a call to action which shares ways to get involved with change making organizations. 

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